About us


Within Newquay Education Trust there is strong commitment to ensuring that no child is left behind, regardless of background, culture, heritage or ability. The Trust has grown from its starting point of coming together as separate institutions, to a genuine partnership with a strong belief that we need to share our strengths and use our collective energies to overcome some of our shared responsibilities. Our cross phase, family based approach enables us to pay particular attention to children’s progress at key transition points, ensuring that gaps and dips are avoided and momentum is not lost.

We believe that:

  • The needs and aspirations of children and young people come first: everyone in NET strives to do what is right for all of them in our care.
  • All our academies have a shared moral and values-driven purpose with an emphasis on character education within a strong spiritual, social, moral and cultural context.
  • Education is a holistic, and seamless process, with each phase building successively on the last.
  • Our academies are built on a culture of high expectation/aspiration and continuous improvement.
  • We are passionate about “Exceptional progress for every student, in every lesson, every day.”
  • We support and train our staff who model our positive, professional values and who are central to achieving our aims for every child.

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