NET is a Multi Academy Trust, created in September 2014, based on the fundamental principle of real partnership and collaboration to secure educational opportunity and excellence for all children, regardless of their starting points in life. At the heart of our vision is the belief that education is a seamless and continuous journey and our core purpose is to create ever improving provision across our Trust which will provide the best opportunities for our young people.


Sarah Karkeek
Chief Executive Officer
National Leader of Governors

We want the children and young people in our academies to be happy, healthy and well-educated human beings, well prepared for the next phase of their education, and capable of enriching and improving their communities.

Our staff are among the finest in the country and NET is proud to empower them through professional growth, support and opportunity.

The creation of NET has enabled its academies to share resources and create efficiencies in a self-improving, school-led system.

NET is wholly committed to working in close partnership with other MATs, Teaching Schools, Academies and Schools, and is determined to use its talent, expertise and capacity to improve life chances for children.

NET is a collaborative family of academies: each academy retains its unique, local identity, sharing collective strengths and responsibilities across the Trust. By working together, we are more able to respond to the unique challenges and opportunities of 21st century living ensuring that our young people benefit from the expertise, care and learning environments of which NET is rightly proud.