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Newquay Junior Academy and Newquay Tretherras have united formally and legally as a Multi-Academy Trust (Newquay Education Trust: NET) in order to create an outstanding and inspirational all through 7 – 19 Academy, serving the Newquay community.


Newquay Junior (NJ) and Newquay Tretherras (NT) has had a long standing history of very close partnership with a shared ethos of caring “family” relationships. The vast majority of NJ pupils continue their education at NT and a formal structure was created in September 2014 to capitalise on these very powerful links so that education becomes a seamless and continuous journey from 7 – 19. It is the vision of NET to create a holistic educational provision which is “greater than the sum of its parts.” We want our young people to become happy, healthy, fulfilled and well educated human beings, capable of enriching and improving their communities. The creation of NET enables both academies to share resources and create efficiencies in an educational climate in which all schools are being encouraged to become part of Trusts and formal collaborative partnerships, in a self-improving, school-led system. Whilst NT and NJ will work together within one Academy Trust, NT is wholly committed to continuing the close partnerships and working relationships that it has established over many years with all its Infant/ Primary Partner Schools within the Newquay Learning Partnership (NLP). It is central to the vision of NET that its expertise and resources will be shared across all NLP Partners for the benefit of the wider Newquay community.


To build on the outstanding successes of both NJ and NT in order to create an innovative and exciting educational provision with a family centred ethos in which young people of different ages and generations learn from and support each other;

To create an outstanding and vibrant approach to teaching and learning across all year groups with each year building successively and progressively on the last;
To foster a culture of high aspiration and success for all, with equality and inclusion at its heart, so that no child is left behind or prevented from fulfilling their potential: particular attention will be paid to students who are most vulnerable, especially in our coastal community;
To sustain outstanding Attainment and Progress for every learner in order to raise standards from KS2 – Post 16, so that all students make increased and more rapid progress, thus reducing performance dips at key transition stages;
To enable students to make transitions to the next Key Stage according to their abilities, other than their age – a “Stage not Age” approach which will provide accelerated and personalised learning experiences;
To share (and target) expertise amongst staff, students and parents across a wider pool, and using the resources of The Kernow Teaching School Alliance (KTSA)*, and the Kernow Collaborative Trust (KCT)** so that NET becomes a powerful learning community dedicated to researching and learning from the very best and is in a position to respond quickly and effectively in a period of rapid and complex educational change;
To design a holistic, world class curriculum focused on raising aspiration and preparing Newquay’s students for the 21st Century, ensuring the particular needs of children and young people in the Newquay community are central;
To create a long lasting and significant partnership between the NET, its parents and the wider community, including NLP schools;
To extend the “educational family” ethos of both academies in which senior students mix freely with younger pupils, acting as leaders, mentors, champions, role modelling success so that younger students become aspirational and confident about their futures;
To sustain a safe and nurturing environment in which young people are educated about healthy living and particular issues facing the Newquay Community;
To offer staff access to the highest quality professional development and leadership training across key stages through the Kernow Teaching School Alliance, and establish NET as a leader in educational employment, thus securing the highest calibre of teachers, leaders and support staff;


NET will establish shared approaches to provision, leading to economies of scale, greater financial efficiency and best value. It will design joint policies, planning and procurement in a number of areas, both for the benefit of NET academies, and for all its partnership schools in the NLP.

  • Special Educational Needs
  • Behaviour, Safety and Safeguarding
  • Teaching of Literacy, Numeracy, and core learning skills
  • Pastoral Care and Guidance.
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum
  • Pupil tracking, monitoring and intervention strategies
  • Sharing and deploying staff
  • Creating single teams to deliver ICT/ Information and Data Systems and other resources
  • Creating shared approaches to Financial Management/Accounting/
  • Human Resources/ Administration/ Estate Management/ Asset
  • Management/ Procurement/ Contract Management.
  • Creating single teams for Catering, Caretaking, Cleaning, Grounds,
  • Buildings and Maintenance
  • Creating a single Capital Estate Strategy
  • Sharing all resources and facilities.



NET MEMBERS (meets twice a year, January and July):
Mrs Sarah Karkeek
Professor Keith Atkinson

NET BOARD OF DIRECTORS (meets termly):

Chair: Mrs Sarah Karkeek
Vice Chair: Mr Steven Dunn
Mr Geoff Brown
Mr Sean Dixon
Mr Nick Jenkin
Mr Ashley Mann
Mr Phil Mason
Mrs Mary-Rose Merrin
Mrs Sue Martin – Executive Headteacher

 Committee Structure with NET:

Quality Assurance:
Steve Dunn
Sean Dixon
Nick Jenkin
Ashley Mann
Mary Rose-Merrin
Sue Tym (non-voting)

Finance and Estates

Geoff Brown
Steve Dunn
Phil Mason
Sharon Redman (non-voting)
Sebastian Parker


Nick Jenkin
Sarah Karkeek
Phil Mason


Mrs Sue Martin: Executive Headteacher
Ms Samantha Fairbairn: Associate Headteacher Newquay Tretherras
Mr Andrew Reep: Associate Headteacher Newquay Junior Academy
Ms Sarah Goswell: Deputy Associate Headteacher Newquay Tretherras
Mr Ryan Doble: Deputy Associate Headteacher Newquay Junior Academy

Mrs Tracy Barnes: Clerk to the NET Board of Directors (e-mail
Mrs Sarah Karkeek: Chair of the NET Board of Directors (e-mail
Mrs Sue Martin: NET Executive Headteacher (e-mail