Our Aims


NET is very clear on its strategic aims for 2019-20, which will see all staff working together to achieve the best outcomes for all our children, irrespective of their starting points.

Our strategic aims are:

    1. That all staff across the trust will have a child centred and coordinated approach to safeguarding and will work in accordance with the statutory guidance for schools and colleges outlined in ‘Keeping children safe in education’, September 2019.(all staff, LGB’s, Directors)
    2. We will promote inclusivity by aiming to ensure all pupils in our care complete their programmes of study in a setting that is in the best interests of the pupil. We will not support any off rolling of students and will ensure that permanent exclusion is only used as a last resort in all of our schools. (CEO, Executive Leadership, all Directors)
    3. We will ensure continual academic progress in all our academies, across the whole school curriculum and in all subjects with a particular focus on core subjects, English, Maths and Science, pupil premium and boys (all staff performance measure, LGB’s and QA Committee)
    4. We will continue to develop our school improvement model for our Trust and CELT, utilising the key strengths in each school to robustly ensure that our schools make academic progress based on 2019 key stage results and that all staff receive effective CPD. (CEO, Executive Leadership, School Improvement Board)
    5. We will develop, implement and evaluate robust systems to monitor and track the performance of all our academies within a clear staff accountability framework, underpinned by a culture of continuous improvement and celebration of success. (CEO, Executive Leadership, QA Committee and all Directors)
    6. We will work with wider alliances and strategic partners including Teaching Schools to draw upon each other’s strengths, developing a systematic and strategic programme of CPD, engaging the very best advisors and recruiting and developing the finest workforce including a Trust talent management plan. (CEO, Executive Leadership, School Improvement Board, Directors)
    7. We will use our successful Free School bid to accommodate the significant growth in the Newquay population and continue to work on delivering the Free School in a timely manner. (CEO, Executive Leadership and Directors)
    8. We continue to develop outstanding facilities across all sites through the creation of a single Capital Estates Strategy across the Trust, including strategies to generate income. (Director of Finance and Estates, CEO, Finance and Estates Committee)
    9. We aim to secure balanced budgets in all academies with long-term sustainable budget plans, to secure greater economies of scale, greater financial efficiency through joint planning and procurement. We will continue to build strong and financially sound central teams to serve and support the needs of all our academies and to effectively manage Trust risks. (Director of Finance and Estates, CEO and Directors)